WCPA Mountains Network members Roger Good and Graeme Worboys prepared report for the Australian Government

News from Graeme Worboys:

Dear Colleagues,

The Caring for Our Australian Alps Catchments Summary Report links the management for natural catchment condition in the Australian Alps protected area to the protection and conservation of water yield, water flow regimes and water quality in the mountains and then to the national economy and to the well-being of Australians. It states that the effective management of the Alps protected areas is critical to the national economy. The approach to the presentation of the catchment condition information was inspired by the Parks Canada ecological integrity reporting approach. The report calls on Government to invest in 6 priority actions as key threat responses and adaptation responses to climate change

The Caring for our Australian Alps Catchments Summary Report was launched by the Australian Government Climate Change Minister Greg Combet two weeks ago (while I was travelling) and is now available for download @ 9mb….

We hope that you find it interesting and useful,

Dr. Graeme Worboys